the toolkit


The logo should always be used in this upright format and normally be positioned in the top right or bottom right hand corner of the page. It may appear over images or other colours but care should be taken to ensure it remains clear and visible. The colour and proportions of the logo should not be changed in any way. No text should appear closer to the logo than half the height of the ā€˜Dā€™ around the perimeter of the logo (grey area right).

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Use Rockwell for titles and headings. It may also be used for highlighting smaller amounts of text. Rokkitt is the preferred digital font.

Use Frutiger as the main text font. Where Frutiger is not available use a modern sans serif font such as Helvetica. Open sans is the preferred digital font.

Colour palette

Primary palette

Pantone 124C
c0, m30, y100, k5
r238, g177, b17

Pantone 306C
c75, m0, y5, k0
r0, g188, b228

Pantone 187C
c0, m100, y80, k20
r196, g18, b48

Pantone 397C
c15, m0, y100, k15
r193, g198, b27

Secondary palette

Pantone 158C
c0, m60, y100, k0
r245, g128, b37

Pantone 288C
c100, m65, y0, k25
r0, g75, b141

Pantone 485C
c0, m95, y100, k0
r238, g49, b36

Pantone 575C
c50, m0, y100, k50
r75, g114, b29